We sell beet and cane melase. As the only manufacturer, we will offer the patented MELFEED molasses mixture which freezing poit is below -25 degrees.


As a manufacturer, we are able to choose and produce the perfect mix of muesli according to the guidelines of our customers


The sizes of produced granulates are selected according to the needs and guidelines of the customers.

Mineral lick

We offer licks in cubic or cylindrical forms.

1. Feed and Feed materials

As a manufacturer, we are a leader in the production of innovative products for animals.

2. Products and food materials

In our offer we have specialistic products used for food production.

3. Nutrition and plant protection

Products that are used for fertilization and plant protection are an inseparable element of the offer presented to our partners.

4. Specialist solutions for industry

As a manufacturer, we are able to offer technological solutions and specialized products for the processing industry.

5. Own technological solutions

Our solutions and products are based on standards developed by us and proprietary patents on technological lines.

6. Private brands

We provide solutions for the private sector together with the labeling of a product tailored to the client's expectations.