Product description

We specialize in trade and processing of various types of molasses.

MELfeed is a high-energy, liquid feed based on molasses. It consists of ingredients produced in the production and processing of sugar and its derivatives, as well as other plants, a mixture of sucrose, highly absorbable simple sugars and glycerol. MELfeed is one of the most cost-effective sources of energy available on the feed market.

Unique recipe of MELfeed assures that this product can be used even in freezing temperatures (up to -25ºC).


Recommendations for use

MELfeed can be used in nutrition of:


-dairy cattle                     1-3 l/pcs/day

-young cattle rosnące     0.5-2 l/pcs/day

-beef cattle                     1-2 l/pcs/day


-recreation or sport         0.3-0.6 l/pcs/day

-for fattening                   0.5-0.8 l/pcs/day


-porker                           5% dose